Windchill PLM Workgroup Manager for Revit

Integrate PTC Windchill with Revit to create a full product definition by improved collaboration, data management and reduced the chances of errors.

  • Collaborate with Revit data similar to Creo files via Windchill
  • Ability to store and interact with native Revit data using Windchill including the Revit parameters.
  • Integrate Revit parameters with ERP data using Windchill.
Windchill PLM Workgroup Manager for Revit


  • Custom PDM tool inside Revit for integration with Windchill including revision management
  • Project level meta data information published inside Windchill.
  • Integrated web based viewer to Windchill with URL for each Revit project facilitating viewing of Revit projects from Windchill
  • Web based viewer has various functionalities like navigation, markup, model slicing, querying based on meta data, measurement, view configurations from native software
  • Project meta data based search can be done inside Windchill as well as in the viewer
  • BOM reporting inside Windchill

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