Restaurant Design Services

OlilO has end to end expertise in designing restaurants ranging from concept design all the way through designing equipments. We create the most impressive, timeless, solution-oriented restaurant design. OlilO has a team of experienced Engineers, Architects and CAD experts, who work with contractors and product manufacturers to produce highly accurate construction drawings, CAD models and visualizations using Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology.

Our team also creates world-renowned kitchens equipments, providing a more productive work environment and contributing to back-of-house profitability. We understand how to design a practical restaurant kitchen that not only looks sensational and is totally practical for day-to-day operations, but minimizes build out and construction costs.

Our restaurant designs shine with innovation and efficiency. We tailor our service to your unique requirements.

Restaurant Concept Design

Design concept is the primary logic behind the design. Our designers study and understand the space to think about the concept and create a framework for how the space should be. Conceptual descriptions set at the early stages of the design process are used to frame some general design approach. Interpreting the output of the design action confers meaning on the concepts. Conceptual frameworks can assist in setting boundaries and framing reasonable objectives.

Restaurant Design Services
Restaurant Design Services

New Restaurant Design

New store design, BIM Architectural Design of the project is developed and defined in detail sufficient to illustrate via plans, sections, elevations and 3D imagery, the overall form and fabric of the project and its detailed layouts, spatial arrangements, facades, overall appearance and range of construction materials and finishes.

New store design satisfies the needs of customer in cost, aesthetic, construction material, specifications and in design standards.

Restaurant Design Services Restaurant Design Services Restaurant Design Services Restaurant Design Services Restaurant Design Services

Remodel Design

Remodel Design adding value to an existing store. Designers will try to utilize the existing resource and then choose the best remodel design to the store as per the recent trends and also to meet the customer's budget.

Remodel designs are illustrated via plans, sections, elevations, specifications and 3D imagery.

Restaurant Design Services

Refresh Design

Refresh Designs branding the store which involves brightening the finishes, changing the graphics and signage.

Refresh design stores are Eye-catching by providing bright Informatory graphics.

Restaurant Design Services

Space Planning

Restaurant Design Services

In space planning, OlilO blocks out interior spatial areas, defines circulation patterns, and develops plans and layouts for furniture and equipment placement.

Space allocation criteria, building codes and access for the disabled, furniture standards, circulation and work flow, design considerations, the constraints of fixed building elements and flexibility for accommodating future space needs are considered in space planning.