Marketing Analytics

Marketing Analytics

Unified Measurement - Develop a holistic view of your business.

Unified Measurement framework integrates strategic measurement with tactical analyses while considering both business and customer lenses, for a holistic view of your business. It results in reliable insights that tell the incremental impact of spend across all marketing channel providing one version of the truth.

Marketing Mix Modeling- Understand the ROI of your spend and its impact on Incremental sales

With Marketing Mix Models, we practice advanced measurement strategies that deconstruct and quantify the overall performance of each factor of the marketing mix. We also adhere to Commercial Mix Modeling in which we go a step further and address the whole business at a deeper, more granular level. We customize each model to address exact market, brand, and business challenges. It is faster, more granular and can not only tell you what happened but also lend insights into what needs to be done next. The result? Insights that will rise your sales, market share, and business results.

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Multi-Touch Attribution - Measure and optimize your digital touchpoints

Multi-touch attribution (MTA) is the practice of identifying a set of touchpoints that contribute to a conversion and assigning a value to each of the touchpoints. By doing so, MTA helps you understand the combinations of touchpoints, and their sequential order needed to get clients to take the required action.

Many attribution methods are based on pre-determined weights that are used to proportionately assign attribution to the marketing treatments preceding an outcome. Clearly, simple weight-based allocations like first- or last-click, equal attribution or time-dependent weights do not get to true incrementality.

To account for the above factors, Olilo uses an automated model-based approach to multi-touch attribution. This relies on a flexible, proprietary model creation platform that produces faster, more relevant and more precise insights and recommendations that helps in the following:

  • Understand and Influence Your Customers to Improve Conversions
  • Know How Customers Connect and What Makes Them Respond
  • Analyze and Adjust in Real Time

Customer Analytics - Understand your customer to deliver superior service

Olilo provides customer analytics Services that help Enterprises to target customers using personalized product service recommendations, predict customer behavior using predictive Modeling, and 360 Degree Customer View for understanding customers. Olilo also provides Customer Analytics Consulting Services for building Customer Segmentation Strategy, Churn Management, and Prediction using following techniques:

  • Recommendation Engine - We offer solutions for Building Predictive Analytics based models for predicting the future behavior of customers using predictive customer behavior modeling technique.
  • Micro Segmentation - We offer Segmentation Solutions to segment customers into small groups and address individual clients on actual behaviors which further helps to engage with customers.
  • Customer 360 degree - Creating a 360-degree customer view helps in Customer alignment, Drives customer Intelligence and Customer Loyalty.
  • Churn Prediction and Management - Customer churn and loyalty analysis help you identify customers who are not satisfied. Initial identification of these churn drivers can help companies take proactive action and build retention approaches to improve customer loyalty.
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Customer Segmentation

With Customer Segmentation, Olilo helps companies that requires to reposition their brand and target a niche customer segment. Focusing on the right target market is the key to increase sales and to make their brand visible for particular customer segment. To achieve these goals, Olilo provides insights attained after categorizing different customer segments and profiles.

  • Build or launch products while taking customer requirement into consideration.
  • Target a specific customer segment for promoting their brands and products.
  • Brand awareness by introducing products for different user groups.
  • Reposition brand in a new customer market, allowing people to see a brand with a fresh perspective.

Customer Lifetime Value

Customer Lifetime Value is the amount of profit or revenue a customer generates over his or her entire lifetime. To estimate user value and planning marketing it is important predict customer lifetime value. We help clients to determine whether customers are at risk of churn, prioritize routing based on customer risk, and guide agents to handle interactions more effectively. Olilo helps clients build intelligent systems to analyze and utilize data of current high-value clients to optimize touch points and campaigns, ensuring they always reach and retain high-value users.

Olilo Services on CLV:

  • Prepare algorithms for CLV predictions
  • Analysis of CLV historical facts
  • Average time between purchases for each of your customers
  • Predict CLV on new/existing customer rows with GUI or API
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Customer Journey Mapping

The customer journey map is what “tells the story of the customer’s experience from initial contact, through the process of engagement and into a long-term relationship.” The use of this technique helps fill in the gaps that raw data tends to miss, and therefore concludes the story. Olilo helps enterprises to identify consumer patterns on a mass scale, at faster speeds, and often with greater accuracy.

Olilo's Customer Journey Mapping Benefits:

  • Unified customer view shared across teams
  • Better understanding of key touchpoints
  • Identify conversion pathways
  • Better promotion from current customers

Pricing Strategy – Identify Risk and Opportunities

Pricing, the most significant lever for revenue and margin growth, is undergoing substantial disruption based on advances in analytics and artificial intelligence. While pricing has always been a data-heavy, number-crunching exercise, it is now changing away from simple spreadsheets or tools to analytics-driven algorithms resulting in multiple contextualized prices.

  • Pricing Optimization -Predict and understand the behavior of potential buyers to better determine the right pricing structures for your product or service, including initial, promotional and discount pricing.
  • Dynamic Pricing - Leverage real-time information on supply and demand trends to offer the right prices, at the right time. Compare your prices with those of your competitors to help you set the most competitive prices and maximize sale
  • Algorithmic Trading and Risk Management - Strengthen your risk management techniques by centralizing risks that arise from various parts of your business. Leverage our powerful algorithms to spot new signals on price movements, allowing you to make more effective trading decisions.
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