BIM Manpower Services

With our Staff Augmentation Services, we augment your in-house team with skilled technical resources, either for a short-term or on a long-term basis.

All the resources hired are dedicated for a single project bringing our clients the convenience in direct resource management

We help you find talent.

  • Looking for BIM Professionals?
  • Taking on New opportunities?
  • Have fluctuating workloads?
  • Looking for Quick Turnaround?
  • Needing for BIM & CAD Technical Staff? .
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Temporary Staffing

Organizations leverage our temporary staffing solution to hire talent for shorter contract periods to fill roles on a temp basis or as a trial prior to offering longer term employment opportunities.

Olilo holds special manpower licensing from the ministry of labor to offer temporary staff deployed under our visa and labor card for short term requirements to our clients

Temporary staffing also known as contract staffing offers clients the flexibility of hiring candidates on short-term employment - daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis.

There are many reasons why you might need temporary staffing - existing employees going on leave, a sudden spike in demand , new projects, participation in exhibitions & events etc

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Contract Staffing

Contract staffing refers to a fixed-term or project-based, rather than permanent, hiring arrangement. In many cases, it is arranged by a third party staffing agency. Olilo contract staffing solution helps organizations hire dedicated workforces for fixed contract periods.

We provide expert contractors deployed under transparent pricing models, ensuring that the employee earns a majority of the service paid to us, resulting in a productive and happy employee.

Olilo support contract staffing to large corporates, MNC's and government entities.

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Benefits of Outsourcing BIM Services

  • Reduced Costs on AEC projects
  • Better Collaboration and Communication
  • Faster Turnaround Times
  • Better project understanding due to 3D visualization
  • More accurate and streamlined planning
  • Full project visualization
  • Higher-quality output
  • Reduced errors and rework
  • Reduced the delay in completing a project
  • Easy, real-time access to building information
  • Improved communication across teams
  • Better cost assessments
  • Ability to monitor changes
  • Lowers risks to execute projects
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  • Early identification and mitigation of clashes
  • Monitor and track progress during construction
  • Increase productivity, efficiency and accountability
  • Improve occupational safety and health.
  • Competitiveness , better projects and more bids.

What do we do in BIM Staffing?

We provide BIM and CAD Staffing Services to companies that needs additional support for ongoing projects or need to implement BIM in your on-site/off-site offices at very Competitive price.Highly skilled and Experienced Professional

  • BIM Modelers
  • Architecture BIM Modeler
  • Structure BIM Modeler
  • MEP BIM Modeler
  • Electrical BIM Modeler
  • HVAC BIM Modeler
  • Landscape BIM Modeler
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  • Point Cloud to Architectural
  • Point Cloud to MEP
  • Point Cloud to Structural
  • Point Cloud to Infrastructure
  • Interior BIM Modeler
  • Scan to BIM Services

BIM Service Offerings

BIM Modeling Services

  • BIM Architectural Services
  • BIM Architectural Design Services
  • BIM Architectural Detailing Services
  • BIM Structural Services
  • BIM Structural Design Services
  • BIM Structural Detailing Services
  • MEP BIM Services
  • Mechanical BIM Services
  • Electrical BIM Services
  • Plumbing BIM Services
  • Interior Design Services
  • Facade Modeling Services
  • COBie Modeling Services
  • Rebar Modeling Services
  • Landscape Modeling Services

BIM Automation

  • BIM Automation
  • Revit Automation
  • Navisworks Automation

BIM Contract Staffing

  • BIM Modelers (Architectural / Structural / MEPF / Civil 3D)
  • BIM Coordinators
  • BIM Architect
  • BIM Managers
  • HVAC BIM Modeler
  • Interior BIM Modeler
  • Landscape BIM Modeler
  • Infrastructure BIM Modeler
  • CAD Draftsman (Mechanical / Electrical)
  • BIM Leads or BIM Specialists

Featured BIM Services

  • 3D BIM Modeling Visualization
  • 4D BIM Planning, Scheduling and Sequencing
  • 5D BIM Cost Estimation & Quantity Take-Offs
  • 6D BIM Sustainability & Energy Analysis
  • 7D BIM Facilities Management and Maintenance
  • BIM Clash Detection & Resolution
  • BIM Rendering & Walkthrough Services
  • BIM Revit Family Creation

BIM Consulting Services

  • BIM Implementation Services
  • BIM Documentation Services
  • BIM Execution Plan
  • BIM Integration