Structural design application

Automation of design calculation based on various structural design standards like Euro codes, British codes, CICIND, Russian etc. support complex mathematical calculations including advanced fatigue calculations. Calculating optimize quantity take off at the design phase itself. Detail report of the design data and analysis report. Application development using Java environment including 3D model generation using Java 3D. Upgraded the application with latest technologies such as jsp's for UI and MongoDB for data storage

  • Technical expertise requirement
  • Reduction of design error by more than 50%
  • Reduce scrap in production
  • Reduction in design cycle time
  • Manual design calculation required to design the flare and derrick
  • Reduction of design cycle time by more than 70%

Automation Design

Manual effort required on generating 2D bend axis line for the sheet metal bend feature. Manual creation of IGES export with the default settings.

  • Automatic creation of sheets using Creo Java API
  • Identifying the bend axis type based on bend axis
  • Automatic creation of sketch feature
  • Automatic line style change
  • Automatic export of the IGES file
  • Reduce scrap in production
  • Reduction of design error by more than 50%
  • Unification of design team with other departments
  • Faster design iterations