BIM Automation

OlilO Specializes in developing custom tools and solutions to various automation tools such as BIM Process Automation, Energy Automation, Documentation Automation and Steel Framing Automation. We offers end-to-end BIM services and solutions, allowing clients to get complete control of their construction projects and streamline processes throughout the building life cycle.

OlilO's BIM Process Automation

  • Developing custom add-ins to automate repetitive steps
  • Provide standardization across multiple BIM projects
  • Interface development for third party applications
  • Customize calculation, analysis, schedules and reports

Benefits Of BIM Process Automation services

  • Optimized Solution
  • Enhanced Performance
  • Faster Project Delivery & Improved ROI
  • Better outcome through automation
  • Easy Coordination of Trades

OlilO's BIM Energy Automation

  • Manual calculations and modifications to design to accommodate results based on analysis.
  • Experience required to manipulate map data to generate required layout.
  • Less optimized calculations.
  • Energy calculation automation based on Passive house design principles.
  • Automatic modification of a Revit model based on the energy calculation results.
  • Calculation of shading vectors for various weather stations using predefined NSRDB weather data./li>
  • Building of roof layout automation based on data from Pictometry Java API including automatic detection of RTU and obstructions.
  • Solar panel layout automation based on roof layout, obstacles and shadow area.
Business Benefits
  • Design cycle time reduced by 50%.
  • Optimized design solution.
  • Faster design iterations.
BIM Energy Automation BIM Energy Automation BIM Energy Automation

OlilO's BIM Documentation Automation

Business Challenges
  • Creation of non-schedule data from excel spreadsheet
  • Efforts required in generating 2D detailing from Revit data
  • Custom DWG export with automatic cleanup of 2D data, including conversion of tags as attributes, and maintaining complete view XREF shared across all sheets
  • Maintaining XREF for complete view as per category, like geometry, all annotations , etc.
  • Bi-directional excel data exchange for creating drafting views from Excel sheets
  • Custom naming conventions for export for blocks, files, views, etc.
Business Benefits
  • 2D detailing time reduced more than 70%
  • Reduction of error by more than 50%
  • Faster design iterations
BIM Documentation Automation BIM Documentation Automation BIM Documentation Automation

OlilO's BIM Steel Framing Automation

Business Challenge
  • Efforts are required for the steel framing generation
  • Knowledge required of complete design standards
  • Slow in design iterations and Quality issues
  • Automatic generation of Structural framing plans, Bill of Materials & CNC data of all panels
  • Automation of complete steel framing based on Rosette System of manufacturing to panelize the CFS structures
  • Automatic Structural analysis with interface to Staad.Pro
  • Various building elements framing automation like floors, roofs, walls, trusses, etc.
  • Creation of MEP installation and Structural connections
  • Shop drawing generation automation in Inventor
Business Benefits
  • Design cycle time reduced up to 50%
  • Reduction of design errors
  • Faster design iterations
AEC_Design_Services BIM Steel Framing Automation BIM Steel Framing Automation BIM Steel Framing Automation