Passion for People

Our people strive passionately to make a difference in whatever they do. Whether they are working in the community or working on a client team, they bring the same passion to both.
Ask any employee and you will know that the OlilO work culture is friendly, open, and motivating. Hierarchies matter little, while creativity and ideas get our attention. Easy accessibility to everybody in the organization is not just a claim, but a real practice.

Our collaborative, people-focused culture contributes to mutual respect and open communication. We pride ourselves as a socially responsible company with concern for the world around us. We see some of the issues in our society and environment as our problem and help to the best of our ability.

We have frequent doses of parties, bashes, outings, picnics and all those activities that help us live life to the fullest. We have a large number of cross-functional teams that work on different non-technical projects.

Finally, we understand the importance of striking the right balance between home and office.

OlilO Townhall

Our open house brings us all together and aims in sharing information about Project status, new initiatives, achievements, events, Introduce new joiners, address Employee Grievances, and to build a mutual relationship with all employees’ throughout the company.
Here, we debate, voice our concerns, and do everything possible to emerge as better individuals. To get our minds moving, we throw in a liberal dose of competition which means teams vie for "best project" recognition, contribution awards, mentorship and various other awards.

OlilO Executive Leadership Team (ELT)

ELT is the conversation point of Managers from various departments of OlilO. These meetings are conducted on a regular basis and focus on future program strategies and discuss development opportunities for OlilO and its employees. During the meeting new avenues are explored, concepts are evolved, recommendations are brought forward and new strategies are identified, leading to enhance capabilities.

OlilO Exclusive

This corner is to keep our people informed and updated. These benefits are exclusive and unique which empower the employees to keep in pace with the latest trends. This is an added benefit scheme for the employees which include finance, health, recreation etc…

OlilO HR Vibes

HRVibes is a unique Infotainment Buzzer that aims to refresh your thoughts. With information, facts and entertainment. It will include special tabloids, articles, cut outs, Slide Shows and information. The HRVibes will reach out to all at OlilO every Week.

OlilO Cares

We at OlilO strongly believe in giving back to society what we owe it. Our service doesn’t stop at providing charity. We have faith in human effort and we believe that it is not just what you do, but how you go about doing it. ‘OlilO Cares’ brings together individuals with a common aim to serve society. (Contribute to society)
Employees are the lifeblood of the organization and we inculcate the sense of service in all our teams. Our ultimate aim is to harness our complete strength to contribute to the upliftment of the downtrodden in our society.

OlilO MITR - Make It Through Reference

MITR is all about lending a helping hand for a friend or a person you know to find career opportunities in OlilO. This system allows you to recommend ‘a friend in need’ for any job vacancy in the company. If you happen to recommend the ideal candidate for the opening you are rewarded handsomely, thus becoming ‘a friend indeed’ for OlilO.

OlilO Service Desk

Apart from Monetary benefits, we take interest in the personal well being of our employees. We have a facility wherein employee domestic routines like payment of bills, personal travel bookings etc, will be taken care of by us. This makes the day easier and stress free.

OlilO Training and Development

We at OlilO believe in individual growth and overall development. Potential is recognized and opportunities for further learning are provided.
Our training programs are on par with elite universities and every year a large number of employees are galvanized into thorough professionals in their chosen fields.

OlilO Leaders Program

We not only groom your technical talents but also bring out the leader in you. Our Leadership Program gears you up to take on the challenge for successfully heading large and strong teams. The program is designed to identify the specific actions and attitudes that constitute the OlilO leader’s qualities. It examines how each manager rates against these qualities, provide an understanding of how the required skills and competencies can be developed and plan what each individual can do to strengthen his or her leadership qualities.

Connect Intranet

Connect Intranet is an internal portal, serving as a online gathering place, sounding board, guide to work, your friend in need, a great place to learn and grow, a place where you can bond and belong. And much, much more. It widens the vistas of your mind! You can read novels, about sports, news, find friends, talk about your holidays, working at OlilO and lots more.