Inventor to IFC Converter

  • IFC Converter is a tool to convert data elements that represent the parts of buildings, or elements of the process, and contain the relevant information about those parts.
  • IFC Converter app gets Autodesk Inventor into a platform neutral, open file format.
  • The output file will be in object-based file format
  • Helps to facilitate interoperability in the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industry.
Inventor to IFC Converter


  • Can export/import building models from Inventor /Navisworks/Creo which is compatible with all major BIM software products by using the standardized IFC export.
  • Provide architects and engineers with the ability to exchange data between CAD tools, cost estimation systems and other construction-related applications.
  • Reduces the need of remodeling the same building model in each different application.
  • Option to define component types ( IfcCompressor, IfcHeatExchanger, IfcPump, IfcLamp, IfcFurniture, IfcPipeFitting etc.)
  • Option to simplify geometry.
  • Information that can be handled by IFC exporter.
  • Export of complete Model hierarchy (Assembly, Subassemblies.
  •  Element type
  •  Geometry
  •  Standard and custom properties (material, color, parameters etc.)
  •  Connections

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