MEP Shop Drawing

OlilO has great expertise in MEP coordination drawings that include HVAC, electrical, plumbing, piping and duct-work layout drawings, enable customers for better fabrication, installation, schedule trades and other activities related to construction. Along with allowing extraction and manipulation of data for trades and contributors, it also increases accuracy of the building design and delivery process. We have knowledge working in shop drawings for commercial, institutional, residential and others. OlilO is staffed with the talented and experienced group of designer, detailers, draftsman and engineers who endeavor to give Shop Drawing Services. The way we give detailed shop drawings that comprise of some imperative data about measures and courses of action of pre-fabricated parts to temporary workers, real estate designers furthermore give straightforwardness to get most extreme advantages from their business.

OlilO's MEP Shop drawings provide services include:

  • Coordinated shop drawings
  • Sheet metal drawings
  • Pipe fabrication drawings
  • HVAC drawings
  • Ductwork drawings
  • Plumbing construction drawings
  • Mechanical piping detail drawings
  • Mechanical room HVAC detailed drawings
  • Equipment placement
  • Electrical component technical drawings
  • Composite drawings
  • Underground and above-ceiling coordination