Augmented Reality for BIM

Augmented reality (AR) is a technology that allows you to visualize and replace the attributes in computer-generated models created in CAD or building information modeling (BIM) software.

Olilo has a decade year of experience in working on CAD software and product development which combined with team of innovators has leveraged a limitless possibility on Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality or Combined Reality.

Olilo's team of innovators with expertise in Mechanical and BIM Augmented Reality supports user centric innovation across industries like Healthcare, Retail, Construction, Production & Manufacturing, Real Estate, etc.

Use Cases:

Problem Statement
  • SLA between a construction company and a customer is a rigid process. It’s always complex to meet customer expectations and views in real time.
  • Agreement papers only explain the information on products added in BOM whereas customers needed a real-time view on “how it looks alike “factor.
  • Blueprint and wire diagram gives the sizes of the rooms and occupied spaces. Whereas a customer wants to view real-time and change the products like fans, equipment’s, printers, fire alarm system, HVAC etc.

Augmented reality adds an additional layer of information and views than the real world.

Using advanced techniques, Olilo developed an Augmented Reality based mobile application solution for the construction company to satisfy the SLA between customer and company.

  • Customer can view 3D model of their home just by scanning the wire diagram of their property.
  • The customer can check the information about the products used in the property.
  • Can add extra light focuses for selective area for a clearer view.
  • Virtually they can replace the products and its colors used in the property. (Product, Data will be deployed in a cloud storage and connected with the mobile application)
  • Light weight app - central cloud repository for product information storage helps field officers to download the required product.
  • A non-experienced field engineer in automotive, HVAC, piping domain can view the structure built by experts just by scanning the small code on the parts.
  • Complete disassembly procedures, defect detection and replacement can be viewed virtually to plan on the tools and techniques required.
  • A customer can identify the defective area with the augmented reality app and sensors and call for a nearby technician to fix up the daily routine issues.
  • Can be interconnected with IoT to control the appliances and machines virtually.