Mechanical BIM Services

OlilO mechanical BIM modeling services include creation and use of coordinated, consistent computable information about the building’s mechanical design. Our mechanical BIM team follows specified standards to ensure certainty of work flows, geometry and scheduling.

Mechanical BIM Services Include:

  • Fire Protection
  • HVAC Heat Load Calculations
  • PICV Valve
  • Water Supply
  • Drainage

Mechanical BIM Services Include:

  • Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning(HVAC)
  • Mechanical Equipment Modeling as per submittal/cut-sheet provided
  • Mechanical Duct and Duct Fittings Modeling
  • Duct Layout as per specification and code applicable
  • BOQ of Ducts, Duct Fittings, Mechanical Equipment, Diffusers, Grills, etc.
  • Mechanical Components Modeling (with connections)
  • Mechanical Equipment Detailing (sections and isometric)
  • Walk-through of MEP
  • Rendered views of Mechanical Models

Mechanical Piping Services Include:

  • 3D Piping Coordination Models
  • Piping Shop Drawings
  • Mechanical Room Layout Models
  • Sleeve / Penetration Drawings
  • Fire Protection Models
Mechanical BIM Modeling Services

Building Information Modeling Services Includes:

  • BIM Modeling Services
  • BIM Architectural Services
  • BIM Architectural Design Services
  • BIM Architectural Detailing Services
  • BIM Structural Services
  • BIM Structural Design Services
  • BIM Structural Detailing Services
  • MEP BIM Services
  • Mechanical BIM Services
  • Electrical BIM Services
  • Plumbing BIM Services
  • Revit Automation
  • Navisworks Automation
  • BIM Level Of Development (LOD)
  • 3D BIM Visualization
  • 4D Construction Sequence
  • 5D BIM Quanity Take-Offs
  • 6D BIM Energy Analysis
  • 7D BIM Facilities Management Services
  • BIM Clash Detection & Resolution
  • BIM Rendering & Walkthrough Services
  • BIM Revit Family/Content Creation